WAsP Map Editor

The WAsP Map Editor is a utility program for wind energy engineers, which is designed for creating, editing, checking and viewing digital maps of terrain elevation and land cover.

The digital maps generated with the WAsP Map Editor can be imported directly into WAsP and WAsP Engineering.

With the Map Editor you may obtain digital topographical maps from web databases or external suppliers – or you may create digital maps yourself by digitizing height and land-cover information from map images, e.g. scanned images of standard (paper) topographical maps. A number of map formats may be used in connection with WAsP and the WAsP Map Editor – many of them formats of maps available from external suppliers.

Using the Map Editor, digital maps from external sources may be analyzed and checked, e.g. against a map image – and supplemented and edited, should changes be needed. Such changes include addition of land cover information, conversion to standard WAsP map format and change of coordinate system.

For details, see the Map Formats and Suppliers page.

Download WAsP Map Editor in the WAsP Suite installer