Wind energy industry-standard software

The WAsP Team field of work is mainly modeling of wind flow over terrain for wind resource assessment and site assessment for wind turbines and wind farms, as well as implementation of research and innovation in software developments.

The mission of the WAsP Team is to carry out research, innovation, software development, education and scientific advice within the field of wind flow modeling over terrain for wind resource assessment and site assessment for wind turbines and wind farms. This includes:

• Basic research on atmospheric flow modelling and other research relating to wind resource assessment and siting
• Adaptation, implementation, verification, test and validation of scientific theories in software developments
• Dissemination, e.g. through scientific publications, courses/education, software developments, documentation and scientific advice

The purpose is to create value in society through dissemination, i.e. application of research results, innovations and software developments in the wind energy industry.

The WAsP Team also includes a component that provides a proactive interface with the wind energy industry for ongoing efficient and effective distribution and support of software, including its development and sales. This includes building relations e.g. at exhibitions and conferences, as well as maintaining distribution and support channels like the WAsP website, the WAsP forums, advertisements, newsletters, agents and partners.

In order to fulfill the mission, the WAsP Team will strive to collaborate with other teams and sections in DTU Wind Energy and other research departments as well as with partners in the wind energy industry.

Scientific staff

Andreas Bechmann
Senior Researcher &
WAsP Team Leader

Niels G. Mortensen
Senior Researcher


Niels Morten Nielsen
Senior Researcher

Mark C. Kelly
Senior Researcher

Rogier Ralph Floors





Brian Ohrbeck Hansen
Senior Development Engineer


Heidi Serny Jacobsen