WAsP Bundle

The industry-standard software for wind resource assessment and wind farm planning

The WAsP Bundle includes:

  • WAsP
  • WAsP Engineering
  • Windfarm Assessment Tool

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WAsP Bundle can be purchased with an annual license fee

First year fee 
 New WAsP Bundle license 1990 EUR 
 Upgrade from WAsP 11  1800 EUR

Fee for second year and beyond 
 Existing WAsP Bundle license  750 EUR

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State-of-the-art CFD wind flow model for wind resource assessment, siting and energy yield calculations for wind turbines and wind farms in complex terrain

Easy access to WAsP CFD is included in WAsP

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WAsP CFD calculation credits can be purchased with a quantity discount, for example:

Number of WAsP CFD calculation credits



500 EUR


1400 EUR


5400 EUR

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Python-based API for running WAsP and WAsP Engineering models

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PyWAsP tier

Annual license fee

Bronze with 6000 runs

1500 EUR

Silver with 42000 runs

6000 EUR

Gold with 294000 runs

24000 EUR

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WAsP Data Tools

The WAsP Data Tools are separate utility programs, which are available from the Tools menu of WAsP, for example:

  • WAsP Climate Analyst
  • WAsP Map Editor
  • WAsP Turbine Editor
  • WAsP CFD Result Viewer

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The WAsP Data Tools are free

Wind Atlases

A wind atlas is a comprehensive collection of wind climates, for example:

  • Global Wind Atlas
  • New European Wind Atlas
  • European Wind Atlas

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The Global Wind Atlas and the New European Wind Atlas are free

European Wind Atlas 135 EUR 

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