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Software support for WAsP 12, WAsP Engineering 4 and WAT 4 is included with your WAsP Bundle license.

Please note that we do not support WAsP 11 or any other old software versions anymore. Therefore, an upgrade to the WAsP Bundle license (including WAsP 12, WAsP Engineering 4 and WAT 4) is necessary in order to have support included with your license.

The support issues involve work directly related to operating WAsP 12, WAsP Engineering 4 and WAT 4, such as:

  • Installation of the software
  • Setting up the workspace hierarchy
  • Importing maps and other data
  • Program bugs

Project-related issues, i.e. problems related to special conditions regarding terrain, wind climate etc., specific for the project in question, will not fall under the WAsP support service.

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