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Welcome to the WAsP forums. This is where you can ask questions about WAsP, WAsP CFD, WAsP Engineering, Windfarm Assessment Tool, Global Wind Atlas and associated software. You can also share tips and tricks, look for WAsP users anywhere in the world, or organize events. This is a moderated forum, and there are a few basic rules:

  1. This forum is meant for anyone working with wind resource assessment, siting of wind turbines and wind farms, or wind power meteorology in general. Discussions are not restricted to the WAsP software; but may also include related topics such as wind measurements, wind data analysis, etc.
  2. We request that you maintain a civil tone in posting on the forum. The WAsP team reserves the right to delete at our discretion messages that are rude, harassing, unproductive, or needlessly off-topic. We do not censor the forum, but will delete spam posts and purely commercial activity.
  3. Keep your posts well-reasoned and insightful and remember that this is a public forum.
  4. If you are a registered WAsP user and have a problem with WAsP which requires assistance, please use the Support Form.

Finally, don't forget it's good bulletin board form to include your full name with your post.

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