WAsP Climate Analyst

The WAsP Climate Analyst is a utility program for wind energy engineers, which is designed for import, selection and analyses of wind data time series – including generation of observed mean wind climates for wind resource assessment and observed extreme wind climates for IEC site assessment.

The observed mean wind climates and observed extreme wind climates generated with the WAsP Climate Analyst can be imported directly into WAsP and WAsP Engineering, respectively.

The WAsP Climate Analyst enables analyses of any time-series of wind measurements to provide a statistical summary of the observed, site-specific wind climate:

  • Time-series of wind speed and direction —> Observed Wind Climate (OWC)

The statistical summary consists of the wind direction distribution (wind rose) and the sector-wise wind speed distributions; these distributions constitute the meteorological input to WAsP:

The wind data can also be shown in several graphs: the time traces of wind direction and wind speed, and as a polar scatter plot of the observations.

Download WAsP Climate Analyst in the WAsP Suite installer