WAsP CFD Result Viewer

The WAsP CFD Result Viewer is a utility program for wind energy engineers, which is designed for studying WAsP CFD solutions in detail. You may display flow properties as maps at selected heights above terrain, horizontal profiles, vertical profiles or directional variations at selected positions.

The WAsP CFD Result Viewer enables the WAsP user to open, view and explore WAsP CFD result files (cfdres files) independently of the WAsP workspace.

The WAsP CFD result viewer is quite powerful, and it will significantly increase the value of WAsP CFD; WAsP can already display spatial views of some WAsP CFD results, e.g. turbulence intensity and flow inclination. As such, WAsP can already be used for identifying areas in complex terrain, where one should not install wind turbines (because of flow separation and highly turbulent/inclined wind flow). However, when using the new WAsP CFD result viewer, it is possible to study the WAsP CFD results much closer e.g. by displaying various flow fields and transects through selected reference points. It is also possible to copy graphics and tables to clipboard and paste to reports. The shown information includes:

  • Turbulence intensity
  • Wind speed
  • Wind shear exponent
  • Flow inclination angle
  • Wind speed standard deviation
  • Wind speedup factors
  • Deflection of wind direction
  • Along-wind velocity component
  • Cross-wind velocity component
  • Terrain elevation

The WAsP CFD result viewer includes a help file. It is also possible to watch a demo video here

Download WAsP CFD result viewer in the WAsP Suite installer