IEC Turbulence Simulator

The IEC Turbulence Simulator is an implementation of the Mann (1998) method recommended in IEC61400-1 Ed. 3. It is distributed with WAsP Engineering and, starting from February 2009, it is also available as a seperate tool without licence. The IEC Turbulence Simulator will simulate standard turbulence over flat uniform terrain. The simulated turbulence can be used as input for aeroelastic turbine simulators, which in turn can simulate fatigue loads, e.g. as part of the requirements for obtaining an IEC turbine certificate. Choose between 3 different spectral models, 3 different terrain types, and output in either HAWC or FLEX format.

The method is based on rapid-distortion theory. For the present application atmospheric turbulence is modelled as an initially isotropic spectral tensor deformed by the shear of the mean wind profile, see Mann (1994).

Download IEC turbulence simulator (March 2009)
PS: Helpfile installs as c:\program files\wasp\bin\IECTurbulenceSimulator.chm

Simulation of site-specific turbulence

WAsP Engineering will model site-specific neutral-stability turbulence in real, but not too complex, terrain. It includes a simulation tool very similar to the IEC Turbulence Simulator, however also modelling effects of topography and surface-roughness changes, see Mann (2000).