WAsP CFD offers its own unique solutions to two main CFD draw-backs:

1. CFD normally requires highly trained CFD experts. However, WAsP CFD calculations are fully automatic. So having set up your WAsP project you are ready to make calculations using the WAsP linear wind model as well as the non-linear WAsP CFD wind model – no CFD training is needed.

2. CFD requires large computational resources. However, WAsP CFD includes an online calculation service where high-quality WAsP CFD calculations are performed on a high-performance computer cluster via the internet. By performing the calculations online, unprecedented numerical resolution can be offered and full wind rose results will be returned within a few hours. In addition, there are no computer investments to worry about.

Facts about WAsP CFD

  • WAsP CFD is based on the EllipSys finite volume CFD solver, developed since the mid-1990s by DTU (Risø)
  • The code is parallelized for massively parallel architectures using MPI
  • EllipSys is presently developed by a 20-man team
  • EllipSys is today used for a series of wind energy applications in research and industry


All WAsP CFD calculations will be made on the Cerebrum high-performance computer cluster, which is owned and operated by EMD International A/S. As a WAsP CFD user, your organization needs a WAsP CFD user account. Therefore, your user information entered in the web-shop will be forwarded to EMD International A/S.

Besides user information, the only information which is sent from the WAsP user PC to our computer cluster in order to make a WAsP CFD calculation, is the terrain description (WAsP terrain map file) and the center point of the WAsP CFD calculation. Wind data, layout, wind turbine, etc. are not needed for the WAsP CFD calculation and so it will not be sent to our computer cluster. Instead, it will remain on the WAsP user PC.

After the WAsP CFD calculation has been completed, the results can be downloaded from our computer cluster to the WAsP user PC and subsequently be applied to make wind resource calculations, i.e. applying wind data, layout, wind turbine, etc. – just as it is normally done for classic WAsP calculations.

Information is sent and received via https so it is secured in the same way as most other secure traffic on the internet.

DTU Wind Energy and EMD International A/S have agreed that all information, data and results of WAsP CFD calculations – which are made using WAsP CFD Calculation Credits are confidential. Except for the company/organization, which has made the WAsP CFD calculation, none of this information, data and results may in any way be shared with a third party.


WAsP CFD is developed in collaboration with EMD International A/S and co-funded by theDanish Markedsmodningsfonden (former Fornyelsesfonden).