Capacity Building

DTU Wind and Energy Systems (DTU Wind) provides consultancy services through institutional collaboration, including capacity building and dedicated training based on training needs assessment. Courses in specific scientific topics within wind energy are often included, and dedicated training programmes may be carried out either at DTU Wind’s Risø campus in Denmark or on location.

DTU Wind can support capacity building in updating and applying state-of-the-art knowledge and tools to plan wind energy and de-risk wind farm development employing site assessment techniques, relevant standards, the Wind Atlas Methodology and data available from global as well as local datasets and measurements. This could involve collaboration with DTU Wind with an aim to develop capacity and key competences, including:

  • To assess relevance and application of existing studies such as the Global Wind Atlas
  • To carry out wind resource assessment studies applying the WAsP and WAsP CFD software packages
  • To assess need for and apply site assessment studies applying the WAsPWAsP CFD and WAsP Engineering software packages, which in addition to wind resources also include wind conditions relevant for design and operation of wind turbines and wind farms, including extreme winds, turbulence, flow inclination angles, etc.
  • To consider how to supplement existing data and knowledge with wind measurements, including site selection and specification of measurement programme
  • To supervise installation of wind measurement stations and handle the data collection and application