WAsP Suite Installation Guide

Distribution of WAsP Suite

WAsP, WAsP Engineering, Windfarm Assessment Tool, WAsP Climate Analyst, WAsP Map Editor and WAsP CFD Result Viewer are installed from a single WAsP Suite installer.

The WAsP Suite installer is a standard MSI (Windows Installer) file, which is available from the Download section of the WAsP website.

The WAsP Suite installer ensures that all the programs included are compatible with each other and it allows you to install any subset of the software.

System requirements

WAsP Suite programs will run on just about any modern PC. The license system requires an internet connection.

Windows 10 or later is recommended. WAsP can also run on older versions of Windows, but there might be combability issues for some users.

While WAsP is not supported in MAC, it has been tested using VirtualBox that you can create a virtual Windows machine with it and then run the WAsP Suite programs successfully. The configuration and technical specifications used in our test:

  • Mac mini with Mac OS 10.7.5 (2.3GHz Intel dual-core i5, 4GB memory)
  • VirtualBox 4.2.12 running VM Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Saving WAsP Suite installer

We recommend that you save the WAsP Suite installer to the hard drive of your PC − preferably to a dedicated folder − and that you use this file when installing the WAsP Suite programs. This will ensure immediate access to the installer file in case of subsequent upgrades, set-up changes or repair.

Running WAsP Suite installer

Run the saved WAsP Suite installer by double-clicking it and following the instructions.

Upgrading WAsP Suite programs

If you have existing WAsP Suite programs installed from previous releases, you can just run the WAsP Suite installer: the older versions will be automatically removed as part of the installation process.

In the future, when we release new updated WAsP Suite installers, you can just run them to update your software: there will be no need to un-install anything first.

Install as an administrator

You must have administrator rights to the Windows system to perform the installation.


Check the Frequently Asked Questions. If you are unable to find the answer you need and if you have an active WAsP Bundle license, please contact us via the “WAsP Contact Form” in the Support section.