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13 APR

Global Wind Atlas 3.1 released

The Global Wind Atlas version 3.1 includes several new features and improvements. All visual layers on the Global Wind Atlas have become user-scaleable and the new...

Wind energy Energy
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16 MAR

WAsP newsletter and RSS feed

If you do not visit regularly, you might want to subscribe to our WAsP newsletter or use an RSS feed.

16 DEC

Map-based site assessment

The latest version of the WAsP CFD result viewer facilitates IEC 61400-1 site assessment.

16 DEC

Merry Christmas

Our sales office and our software support will be closed for the Holidays from 22 December 2020.

15 DEC

Self-study Bundle - two courses, one purchase

This package deal allows you to learn about both WAsP and WAsP Engineering at your own pace.

09 DEC

WAsP Suite 2021-A released

WAsP 12.6 In WAsP 12.6 we introduce automatic import of Generalised Wind Climate (GWC) files from the Global Wind Atlas. When inserting a GWC from the Global Wind Atlas...

08 JUN

WAsP CFD result viewer

The WAsP CFD result viewer is quite powerful, and it will significantly increase the value of WAsP CFD

02 JUN

WAsP 12.5 released

In WAsP 12.5 we introduce Capacity Factor results.

25 MAY

Software prices as of July 1st

Dear WAsP user,   To maintain the same quality and support that you are used to, our software prices will be adjusted.    Starting July 1st. 2020, the yearly...

15 MAR

New WAsP Bundle release

Now release with minor bug fixes are now available


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24 JUNE 2021