WAsP startup error hotfix

A hotfix for WAsP users experiencing startup errors has been released with the newest installer for WAsP 12.

Dear WAsP user,

In August 2022, Microsoft released an update to the .NET framework (part of Windows). If this update is deployed onto your computer, WAsP will stop working. WAsP and WAsP Engineering will not start properly, usually displaying a message about an object variable not set when trying to refresh the license information.
DTU has made a fix for this problem, which is included in the latest WAsP Suite installer available from our website at:


Running the installer will fix the problem for existing installations of WAsP 12 as well as for existing installations of WAsP 11.

Please note that we always recommend using the latest version of WAsP because it is the present implementation of our best knowledge.
Please also note that we no longer support WAsP 11. WAsP 11 was supported until one year after the release of WAsP 12 in December 2017.

Best regards,

The WAsP Team