New WAsP Suite Installer Ready

A new update of WAsP 12 and WAsP Engineering 4 is now ready. Find out more about the bug fixes below.

WAsP 12.3.18 Release B

• Map parsing no longer fails with ”out of memory” error for one map.
• Calculation no longer fails for a turbine site, if the wind atlas is moved to hierarchy root and 'DoAllCalculations' is invoked
• Wind atlas in hierarchy is now displayed as 'bad' (red icon) if missing barometric data makes it impossible to calculate
• Now a proper icon for a wind atlas is displayed if it is adjusted, calculating and in the workspace root.
• If there is no wind, f / vs U label is no longer displayed in turbine site (also maybe ref site) graphics.
• Trying to let WAsP auto fill baro data for old atlases should now proceed without prpoblems.
• We have extended the WTG file format to accommodate extra data: rated power, control system (pithc/stall regulation), though these are still not displayed and used in the power curve corrections.
• The turbine editor has been updated, now letting you specify rated power and control system.


WAsP Engineering 4.0 Release ”I”.

In the ”Prepare data for WAT”-tool the following improvements have been added:
• In the save-to-file (XML) option now the output path is remembered for next time.
• WAsP12 support for the WAT calculations has been added.
• The 100 year extreme wind speed has been added to the WAT output.

Download the new version here.