Flexible wind-farm power curve in WAT 4.5

The Windfarm Assessment Tool (WAT) is a post-processor of results from WAsP and WAsP Engineering. The new WAT version 4.5 was recently released as part of the WAsP bundle.

Main new feature

WAsP includes a feature called the wind-farm power curve. It is actually not a curve but a 2D table of aggregated wind-farm power output as a function of wind speed and direction at a reference mast. WAT now implements a slightly more flexible version of this windfarm power curve. We added wake corrections at the reference mast and included corrections for turbine availability, sector management and grid curtailment. It is also possible to get a power output table for a subgroup of turbines, including corrections for wakes from the rest of the wind farm. Hear more about the WAT windfarm power curve in this short video demonstration.

New features

  • Aggregated power curve with technical losses for a selectable group of turbines and optional wake effects at reference site
  • Updated shelter table for selected site with visualization of wake effects and optional rotor-averaged wake correction
  • Support for extreme wind correction of IEC 61400-1 Ed.4 including coefficient of variation of the fitted Gumbel distribution
  • Improved quick-setup layout editor for IEC 61400-12-x site assessment
  • Separate general options and project-specific options
  • Support for new WAsP 12.4 workspace file format

Bug fixes

  • A problem related to interpolation between sites
  • A problem reading WAsP workspace files with no turbine type
  • A problem with deactivation and reactivation of turbine site groups
  • Problems fitting planes to terrain in sectors extended behind the turbine and calculation of terrain variation for terrain assessments as in IEC 61400-1 Ed.4
  • Obstacles beyond 20 times the equivalent rotor diameter was not disregarded in the measurement sector analysis as prescribed in IEC 61400-12-1


Download WAT 4.5.