WAsP now supports the Geography Markup Language

To make WAsP easier to integrate into your workflow, we today introduce WAsP 12.2 with map files in the Geography Markup Language (GML).

The new WAsP allows you to use the GML format, e.g. created using the new WAsP Map Editor or using third-party GIS software. GML is the grammar that describes geographical features like terrain elevation and roughness changes and the adaption to WAsP is made by an application schema. While you can now use the GML format in WAsP, we will continue to support the traditional map format.

GML is being used to define the interchange of geographical information across the EU, through the INSPIRE project (https://inspire.ec.europa.eu/) which provides the schema for elevation contours used in the new WAsP maps.

You can download WAsP and read the release notes here: https://www.wasp.dk/Download/WAsP12-Suite-Installer

The WAsP Team

In addition to WAsP 12.2, we are also happy to announce that three software developers have joined the WAsP team - giving us the possibility of providing valuable updates in 2019.

Thank you for supporting us in 2018


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The WAsP team