WAsP 12.4 and WAT 4.5 released

In WAsP 12.4 we introduce separate treatment of data layers in vector maps. Vector map data layers of orography, roughness and boundaries are now separately presented in the project hierarchy, making it easy to swap different data layers in and out of the project.

If you open an existing WAsP 12 workspace in WAsP 12.4, the existing vector map will be automatically split into data layers, as children of the vector map.


Vector maps and data layers may be dragged around the WAsP workspace according to the project hierarchy composition rules.

The new separation of different data layers is intended only to facilitate the easy swap of data layers in vector maps. Editing vector map files – including data layers – should still be properly conducted in the WAsP Map Editor.

A couple of extended new properties supported by the wind turbine generator file format are now also displayed in WAsP 12.4. These properties will be used in a future WAsP release.

WAT 4.5 includes a number of new features and bug fixes, including support for WAsP 12.4 workspace files.

You can download the WAsP suite installer read the release notes here: