Version 9.01.0000

An important update to WAsP

We've made some changes to the WAsP algorithms so as to improve the correspondence between the program code and the European Wind Atlas method. The code dealing with unstable stability corrections has been revised.

These changes may affect the results of some previously calculated projects. The projects most likely to be affected are ones in near-shore flat terrain and offshore, where the turbine hub height is considerably higher than the meteorological mast. Similarly, projects where the average stability conditions have been changed by the user to reflect unstable conditions may be affected.

In all other cases, the differences in results will be insignificant.

Updated versions of WAsP 8 (version 8.4) and WAsP 9 (version 9.1), which include this new implementation are now available. We recommend that you download and install the new version.

Version 9.00.0153

New features and improvements in this release

  • Script calculating a vertical profile transect introduced
  • Gaussian hill generator introduced
  • Hints have been introduced regarding:
    a) Resource grid masking when starting a resource grid calculation
    b) Using the new Climate Analyst when starting the OWC Wizard
    c) Use of background map images
  • Several reference sites in a project are now allowed
  • New and better icon for save resource grid output to file has been introduced
  • F5 button on resource grid masking window will now restore zoomed out view
  • A hint about the automatic naming counter and the site organizer if a user edits a site name has been introduced

Problems fixed in this release

  • Wrong AEP units in project report fixed
  • Window moving error fixed
  • Wrong power density units in turbine site report fixed
  • Error re. script folder location is fixed
  • Configuration parameter "Default number of rose sectors" has been limited to 36 to match the model
  • Some Word-report script were present in duplo – has been fixed
  • Error message when requesting utility script "vertical profile" has been removed

Version 9.00.0139

Problems fixed in this release

  • 2346 Resource grid may wrongly include foreign obstacle effects
  • 2166 Wrong treatment of Ref.Site in wind farm turbine list.
  • 2282 Cannot re-import exported lib (wind atlas) file with > 24 sectors
  • 2299 Reference site inconsistently allowed as a member of a wind atlas
  • 2319 Check inclusion of New Turbine editor v.
  • 2320 Misleading info in "Power"-page of Turbine Site Window

Version 9.00.0137

This release can be installed on a clean machine by using the MSI file, or can be used to update an existing installation of WAsP 9.0. To perform an update, run the MSI file.

New features and improvements in this release

  • The OWC data grid has been changed to show the emergent all-sectors PDF
  • New default colouring systems (palettes) for resource grid display
  • A new script reports results for a transect of sites
  • Help file is updated
  • A new pair of scripts helps to export and import user corrections for sites to and from Excel
  • A new script calculates and reports the inter-turbine distances for a group of turbine sites

Problems fixed in this release

  • Drag-copy of sites in spatial view appears not to have worked until view refreshed or redrawn
  • Wind farm report script does not work if associated wind atlas has no met. station
  • Vertical profile report has wrong sheet label in Excel
  • Wind farm calculation fails if only member is a reference site
  • Temporary file path for report generation should use system temp folder

Version 9.00.0134

Problems fixed in this release

  • 2185 Obstacles don't affect wind profiles!?!
  • 2129 Dirty-flags not cleared when hitting F9
  • 2119 Replace 'V80-2MW.wtg' in the installation
  • 2182 Wrong OWC wind-distribution graph
  • 2157 Export to WWF of nested site groups doesn't work
  • 2135 Inserting a replacement vector map may create an error message
  • 2161 Problems with moving wind farms on resource grids and spatial images
  • 2112 Spatial image displays in map with strange viewable extent
  • 2141 Wrong dRIX in wind farm report
  • 2142 Wind farm report (Word) doesn't work
  • 2181 Problems with maximized sub-windows on large screens
  • 2184 Change user corrections causes type mismatch in the met station window
  • 2113 Fighting to resize main window, if spatial view is maximised
  • 2117 Copy and paste of site grid data is now mixed up
  • 2180 TAB files from the European Wind Atlas cannot be inserted
  • 2186 Spatial view not refreshed if obstacle effects change (for example)
  • 2187 Reference sites and turbine sites not detecting atlas/met station movements correctly
  • 1164 Right-click pop-up menu to offer copy-to-clipboard from various bits of GUI
  • 2133 WAsP 9 may not open WAsP-files from Windows Explorer
  • 2127 Dirty-flags not raised upon automatic re-import of OWC
3 APRIL 2020