WAsP Map Editor 9.1

WAsP Map Editor version

Please notice that the exe-file and the help-file (*.chm) are now named WAsPMapEditor9.

Some (25) bugs have been fixed since build 208:

1) Automatic update of nodes, dead ends and cross-points was not always accomplished after certain line editing options: a) line delete and b) line property change (change of roughness values, incl. change of the roughness state of the line). Has been fixed.

2) Importing an NTF-map immediately after a previous failed import of an NTF-map with an unsupported subformat would create an error. Has been fixed.

3) Version 208 would sometimes not open background maps; has been fixed.

4) Automatic joining of twin-line nodes during calculation of nodes would lead to an infinite loop - has been fixed.

5) Under certain circumstances map clipping would crash. This has been fixed.

6) Node-anchoring could be lost when saving the map file. This would happen if the line ends were very close, but not coinciding. Has been fixed.

7) Opening crash in case of map marked with the General Transverse mercator projection. Has been fixed.

8) Crash when transforming a very wide Lat-Lon map to Transverse Mercator projection. Would happen if the map width were close to the maximum allowable for the projection transformation (max. 1.5 zone width from central meridian to Eastern and Western map boundary). Has been fixed.

9) Huge consumption of memory space during on-screen digitization, in the end
    preventing re-loading of a background map. Has been fixed.

10) Map-clipping of large maps exceedingly slow. Has been fixed.

11) A few inconsistencies have been fixed re. preparation for version 9.

12) DXF-Maps were improperly opened: Incorrect lists of heights and roughnesses might occur, and the file-reading process could be very slow.

13) Nodes, dead-ends and cross-points were not always updated after editing or moving a roughness line.

14) Calculation of roughness-line crossinngs ("crosspoints") was too slow. Has been greatly improved, making it 2-3 times faster.

15) Crash might occur when performing multi-reference-point transformation if some reference points were identical.
    Safer error-trapping has been implemented.

16) Map-Adding would - due to an unexpected side-effect of some bug-fixing -
    create a memory access-violation. Has been fixed.

17) With an open map-dsiplay window with a background map, a projection transformation
    would not cause the display window to be updated properly (a large fraction of white space would appear).
    Has been fixed.

18) When editing the projection discription, a change in projection zone would sometimes not be effectuated.
    Has been changed.

19) Line(s) thinnig would create an error. Has been fixed.

20) Error during map transformation (e.g. of projection) if some lines were selected in the display window.
    Has been fixed.

21) Under special conditions, an artefact LFR-error would be produced. The LFR-calculation algorithm has been
    updated to fix this bug.

22) LFR-error checking, although in some case time-consuming, is enabled per default. If too lengthy when opening a map,
    LFR-error checking may be cancelled 'on the run'.

Last, but not least:
* A full, Automatic Roughness Consistency check option has been implemented. *


Release 250 and on:

23) LFR-errors shown in the display window were not included in exported image files or prints.
    The bug has now been fixed.

24) Roughness line-face labels in line-property editing box could be wrong. Has been fixed.

25) The options to calculate elevation and RIX-numbers for the cursor-point by typing "R" and "A", respectively, would create an error.
    Has been fixed.

26) Maps with very fine horizontal resolution might give problems when selecting a height contour or roughness line.
    Has been fixed.

27) Some editing of pure height contours would - unnecessaryily- cause roughness consistency to be recalculated. Has been fixed.

28) Some inappropriate error messages would pop up when loading/unloading background maps. Has been fixed.

27) GIS-type coordinate meta-files for scaling/calibration of  background maps are now supported.

28) Help system updated according to 27), and supplemented with a step-by-step tutorial for background map calibration.

29) All information boxes reporting on horizontal precision for manual or automatic editing processes are now given in current
    "metric unit" (m, km or degrees).

30) For all DXF-versions maps with Lat-Lon coordinates are now treated with the relevant horizontal resolution.
    Thus we avoid spurious/false height contour line-segments connecting contour lines which are supposed to be separated.

31) The HELP system has been extended with a specific topical page on transforming from one projection to another.

32) An bug causing a dead-end marker to have a wrong position after point-editing has been fixed.

33) Bugs regarding artifact LFR-errors, and superfluous LFR-error calculations have been fixed.

34) A bug regarding error message when assigning roughness values to a NA-polygon has been fixed.

35) A bug regarding dead-end artifacts - created during map-clipping and auto line-joining and anchoring has been fixed.

36) Bad Auto-join function – exceedingly slow and wrong marking during repainting. Has been fixed.

37) Memory access error could sometimes occur during map-loading when performing projection interpretation. Has been fixed.

Bugs fixed / New features in Build 286 relative to Build 274:

38) Node formation could not be cancelled. Has been fixed.

39) Line touching couold falsely be reported as cross-points. Has been fixed.

40) LFR-calculation could result in memory violation. Has been fixed.

41) DXF-save could create a file unreadable by Autocad (bad Autocad version label format). Has been fixed.

42) Reading a faulty background map calibration file (*.scl) could create a dead-lock, where the calibration points
    could not be corrected. Has been fixed.

43) Z- and R-information on the main window not updated when removing the height / roughness attribute from a poly-line.

44) Multiple-line editing (e.g. roughness swapping) used excessive time due to unnecessary repeated roughness consistency check.
    Has been fixed.

45) A bug regarding setting the first fixpoint (requiring first setting the number of fixpoints explicitly to 3 or more) has been fixed.

Please consult the "What's New?" topic in the on-line Help for more details.

2 APRIL 2020