WAsP Licencing Standard system

Release notes.

This version fixes a bug re. simultaneous WAsP and Wasp Engineering dongles on
Windows-7 computers.

This licencing system supports 32-Bit computers as well as 64-Bit computers.
Users with 32-bit computers using parallel-port dongles may experience problems, and should then should contact
WAsPSupport@dtu.dk to get a special licencing system package.

The very installation must be performed by a user logged in with administrator rights.
Nevertheless, although you are not notified on this during the installation process, the licence manager
will be available for ALL users using the computer, also those having only standard-user rigths.

Please notice that each new user logged in to the computer will have to register the licence info
(user-name and unlock-code) before being able to use the WAsP applications - although the same licence
info HAS already been registered by another user.

3 APRIL 2020