WAsP Climate Analyst 1.01.0112

Climate Analyst 1.1 release notes

This document describes the releases, the bug fixes and other changes made.

Version 1.01.0104 and 1.01.0112

New features and improvements in this release

  • Named date/time formats are now supported. Use this to handle AM and PM if included in a US-style record time stamp
  • The mean OWC now has statistics from the source time-series
  • The mean OWC display has been updated to show the fitted all-sectors Weibull distribution

Problems fixed in this release

  • Display time-series window fails if less than one month of data in the series
  • Recalculation of observed wind climates does not refresh the generation report if visible
  • Start and end times not always complete in the import report display
3 APRIL 2020