WAsP 11.4 Release F

Version 11.4.0026 Release F

  • Generalized Wind Climate max. standard-height increased  to 300 metres from 200 metres.
  • Sample workspace correspondingly updated so that the calculation results don't require recalculation.
  • New generation reports for OWCs produced by latest WACA 3.1 now supported.


Version 11.4.0025 Release E

  • Restores the ability to import turbine site locations from clipboard or text-file to a wind farm or to a WAsP project. (This option had erroneously dropped out in Release D.)


Version 11.4.0016 Release D

  • Restores display ability in Google Earth
  • Includes the latest projection transformer component, thereby fixing a problem with reading Geo Projection databases under Asian Windows versions. 


Version 11.4.0006 Release C

  • Includes a new DLL update for EMD WindPro users.

Version 11.4.0006 Release B

  • This update only concerns WindPro users: Includes an updated DLL for EMD WindPro

Version 11.4.0006 - Release A

  • The "Halo" issue is fixed: The "Halo" effect, seen in previous WAsP versions, is a slight overshoot in off-shore wind resource prediction relative to the open sea values seen close to the coast line. With an improved treatment of the abrupt change in roughness and stability conditions at the coast line this problem has now been much reduced.
  • A problem with special roughness variation has been fixed.


Version 11.3.0002 - Release A

  • Included a new Generalized Wind Climate (“*.gwc”) extrapolation tool for extrapolating legacy “*.lib” files with insufficient range of roughness lengths
  • Limited to 36 sectors for TAB/OWC insertions
  • Fixed two problems relating to roughness site assessment
  • Added display of the number of turbines in a wind farm
  • Simplified the dragging of maps into to the project
  • Updated the wake model to fix that sometimes wake calculations failed if some sectors had zero frequency
  • Added WAsP Climate Analyst 3 to the tools menu


Version 11.2.0068 - Release C

New feature:
The *.omwc Observed Mean Wind Climate (OMWC or OWC) file-type from the new WACA3 (Wind Climate analyst) is now supported - together with the earlier OWC file types *.owc and *.tab.


Version 11.2.0062 - Release B


The Generalized Wind Climate calculational procedure improved.
Improvements in the calculation of generalized wind climates have been implemented; this could lead to small changes in wind speed predictions

IBZ flow model parameter removed.
The “Use true upwind direction in BZ model” parameter (WAsP IBZ flow modelling) has been removed

Version 11.2.0058 - Release A


Changes to the core model

Inconsistencies in the treatment of CFD results was discovered, and as a consequence the core routines dealing with the “up” and “down” transformations have been revised. The inconsistencies were found to affect negatively WAsP-CFD results in very special cases only (very large flow turning angles). The new code corrects for this and introduces in addition a number of numerical improvements. This affects both WasP-CFD and (normally to a much lesser extent) WAsP “classic” (WAsP-IBZ).

CFD result tiles need not be recalculated as they are not affected by the changes.

Testing of the new core code against a large number of data pairs in complex terrain show an almost perfect correlation with the previous code for the classic linear models (WAsP-IBZ, R2=0.998) and somewhat less for the same cases using WAsP-CFD (R2=0.95).
Nonetheless, it is recommended, as a consequence of these changes that all previously calculated results should be re-calculated. When older workspaces are re-opened, the previously calculated results will be marked as ‘dirty’ (due for recalculation). As mentioned already, CFD result volumes previously calculated can be reused as is.

New features:

• Reports about the CFD calculation runs are embedded in the results files, and can be opened for reading from the Calculation Manager or in the CFD tile list view in WAsP itself.
• Updated help file.
• Scripts now have optional time-out setting
• Scripts can now prevent opening of new windows for new hierarchy members
• Right-click popup to copy to clipboard from wind farm power curve grid display
• Ask for confirmation before deleting resource grid with many calculated results

Fixes the following problems:

• Side-by-side obstacle groups in the hierarchy not correctly treated
• Roughness length display precision too low in various places
• Stricter calculation constraints for site lying outside wind atlas classes
• AEP read-off label in resource grid showing wrong units
• Outdated support contact information
• Moving sites out from wind farms not correctly affecting the wind farm calculation status
• Installed information report does not include latest windows versions
• Expired temporary developer licences giving misleading licence status information about permanent standard licences
• Export to ASC file format of grid data has incorrect corner locations
• CFD filenames not correctly generated from Tile GUID 


Version 11.1.0016

11.1 release A:

New features:

  • Most importantly: Integration of turbulence and flow inclination from WAsP CFD results files
  • Site effects tab now separates IBZ and CFD information (relevant reports too)
  • During a calculation, loading CFD layers from the results is significantly faster
  • Added a dialog when sending a WAsP CFD job to the computer cluster using the WAsP CFD calculation manager, informing that you are about to spend WAsP CFD calculation credits
  • Site effects results once copied to clipboard have three decimal format
  • Recalculated WAsP CFD result files for Parco Ficticio so that includes the turbulence and flow inclination results
  • Removed script "cross prediction excel (save ws)" and updated "cross prediction– Excel"
  • When CFD filenames are auto generated, concatenating in part of the job GUID, the first character is dropped off

Fixes the following problems:

  • OWC-Window failure fixed
  • Prompted switch from LIB to GWC export extension is now working properly
  • Version 11.0.0236

    11.0 release D3:

    Fixes the following problems:

    • Coexistance clash with WAsP Engineering 3
    • Re-implements the roughness-roses script for a reference-mast   

    11.0 release D:

    Fixes the following problems:

    • Saving from resource grids now possible again
    • Removed some irritating dialog boxes
    • Dragging vector maps around in the workspace tree is now more intelligently handled
    • Installations of 11 no longer add multiple entries to the Add/Remove programs

    11.0 release C:

    Fixes some problems regarding:

    • Wind farm in workspace-root obstructs associations between turbine/wind farms and vector map
    • With an open Wind atlas, inserting a met station causes an error
    • Expired temporary licence notification
    • Error uploading file
    • Cannot export workspace to WAsP 10 format
    • Vector map with no elevation
    • WAsP 11 needs to look for and see the WAsP Map Editor 11
    • Copy- to clipboard problems in Reference site and Met station
    • Gaussian hill generator does not close the contours perfectly
    • Windows user names with Ä character cause licence registration failure
    • Change the mail in case of the message "calculation server access information is invalid..."

    Version 11.0.0214

    11.0 release B:

    Fixes some problems regarding:

    • Display of Wind Farms and Obstacles
    • Functioning of the Calculation Manager
    • Installation of the palette file
    • Version number reporting

    Version 11.0.0212

    11.0 release A:

    New features:

    • Most importantly: Introduction of the WAsP CFD feature: terrain effects are calculated by an external CFD-model (Ellipsys), resulting in higher accuracy, especially in case of complex terrain;
    • New Terrain Analysis hierarchy member, to which vector maps are always associated
    • New Generalized Wind Climate (*.gwc) file format replaces the Wind Atlas (*.lib) file format
    • Vertical wind profile model and parameter settings are now part of the Generalized Wind Climate file; a number of model parameters, which in WAsP 10 and earlier versions were saved with the WAsP project, are now saved with the Generalized Wind Climate file
    • Unlimited number of points in WAsP terrain map files
    • A number of features like map-handling and resource-grid calculations have been improved over WAsP 10;
    • A new dongle-free, internet-based licensing system is introduced

    For details: see What's new in WAsP 11

    24 JUNE 2021