WAsP 10 installation files

Please find below the installation files of the WAsP 10 package. Release notes are available by clicking the version number.

A guide on what is new relative to WAsP 9 is found here: What is new in WAsP 10? 

Co-existence with WAsP 9 on the same computer:
Unfortunately not possible; please consult From 8 or 9 to 10

Start download by clicking on the appropriate link in the 'Download file' column below and select the option 'Save this file to disk'. Then, install by invoking the *.msi files on your harddisk. Please consult the Installation guide for details.

If you want to install the latest Geo-projection database ZIP file, just be download it to the "C:\Program Files\WAsP\Bin" folder (the excact folder name may vary with the version of Windows operating system); don't try to unzip it.. Please note that the WAsP applications provided below require that the WAsP Licencing System is installed in order to run in licenced mode. Please consult the Dongle-Licensing guide for details.  

Previous WAsP 10 installation files are available from the Previous Installation Files page.

Release date Product Version Download file File size
25.04.2016 WAsP 10.2 Rel. D WAsP-10-2-ReleaseD-Build17.msi 55.6 MB
21.11.2011 WAsP Map Editor 10.1 MapEditor10-1-Build320.msi 13,654 KB
14.05.2013 WAsP Climate Analyst 2 Release B Waca-2-0-ReleaseB-Build132.msi 29,671 KB
04.11.2009 WAsP Weibull Explorer Weibull2009-06-19.msi 1,834 KB
20.04.2012 WAsP Licencing System Standard WaspLicencingSystem-4-0.msi 16.7 MB
04.05.2011 WAsP-Weng Scripting Documentation RveaScripting.chm 482 KB