WAsP CFD Result Viewer 1 - Release Notes

WAsP CFD result viewer

December 2020
• Update graphics more responsively, e.g. after loading a new WAsP CFD result file

December 2020

New features:

• Flow correction from one position to another
• Map-based site assessment with
       o Support for IEC 61400-1 Ed. 3 (2005), amendment A1 (2009) and Ed. 4 (2019).
       o Support for all IEC wind turbine classes.
       o Maps of wind shear, flow inclination angle, extreme wind speed, mean wind speed, mean wind probability, effective turbulence intensity, power density and gross annual energy     productions. These maps are evaluated at a user-defined height and directionally averaged by the mean wind climate.
       o Masks for areas with non-compliant wind conditions.
       o Local statistics for a user-defined site including
              -  Sector-wise distributions of frequency, Weibull parameters, conditional frequency at a selected wind speed, power density, and turbulence intensity.
              -  Mean wind probability distribution to the distribution used for IEC design load cases.
              -  Effective turbulence intensity compared to IEC normal turbulence model.
              -  Annual extreme winds and fitted Gumbel distribution.
              - Evaluation of the Weibull K parameter.
       o Import of additional data
              - Generalized mean wind climate from WAsP.
              - Generalized extreme wind climate from WAsP Engineering.
              -  Observed turbulence statistics from WAT.
              -  Wind turbine power curve in WAsP format.
       o Local air density modelled as in WAsP.
       o Map of terrain complexity with detailed assessment for a user-defined site.


May 2020, first public release