18 NOV

WAsP startup error hotfix

A hotfix for WAsP users experiencing startup errors has been released with the newest installer for WAsP 12.

Global Wind Atlas
12 OCT

Global Wind Atlas 3.2 released

The Global Wind Atlas version 3.2 includes language versions for all six of the official United Nations languages

Over the last 30 years, more than 130 WAsP courses have been held in 30 countries worldwide. WAsP has been applied in the blue and red countries for wind resource mapping and wind farm development.
08 JUL

30 years of continuing education – and still going strong!

The first WAsP wind resource assessment course was held in Denmark 30 years ago. Since then, more than 1800 engineers and scientists have been trained in the WAsP software...

WAsP Forum
06 JUN

WAsP Forum Refresh

The WAsP forum has moved to a new platform. If you want to take part in the discussion, please start here:

Screenshot from Global Wind Atlas-website
13 APR

Global Wind Atlas 3.1 released

The Global Wind Atlas version 3.1 includes several new features and improvements. All visual layers on the Global Wind Atlas have become user-scaleable and the new bathymetry...

Wind energy Energy
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16 MAR

WAsP newsletter and RSS feed

If you do not visit regularly, you might want to subscribe to our WAsP newsletter or use an RSS feed.

16 DEC

Map-based site assessment

The latest version of the WAsP CFD result viewer facilitates IEC 61400-1 site assessment.

16 DEC

Merry Christmas

Our sales office and our software support will be closed for the Holidays from 22 December 2020.

15 DEC

Self-study Bundle - two courses, one purchase

This package deal allows you to learn about both WAsP and WAsP Engineering at your own pace.


WAsP Newsletter
29 NOVEMBER 2022