SC coverage June 2017

Spectral Correction - Data coverage increased

Tuesday 27 Jun 17

The Long-term reference wind data provided by DTU Wind Energy has now been extended with the Middle East. The WAsP Team will continue to expand the coverage; currently we are preparing the data for South Africa and Mexico.

With the Spectral Correction (SC) method, there is no need to provide long-term wind data in order to calculate extreme winds. Instead, the SC method uses:

1. Short-term (around one year) on-site wind measurements provided by the user

2. Long-term reference wind data made available by DTU Wind Energy

The SC method is implemented in WAsP Engineering 4 and has been tested and validated by DTU Wind Energy. For more details, please refer to the following two articles published in the Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamic:

Recipes for correcting the impact of effective mesoscale resolution on the estimation of extreme Winds (2012) 
Application of the spectral correction method to reanalysis data in South Africa (2014)

WAsP Engineering is the industry-standard PC software for calculation of wind conditions, which are relevant for fatigue loads, extreme loads and siting of wind turbines and wind farms. WAsP Engineering is used for sites located in all kinds of terrain all over the world and includes models and tools for every step in the process from wind data analysis to calculation of the wind conditions for a wind farm. Almost 1000 WAsP Engineering licenses have been sold in about 50 countries.

Typical WAsP Engineering applications: Calculation of wind conditions for IEC site assessment, e.g. wind shear, ambient turbulence, extreme wind and wind flow inclination for individual wind turbines in a wind farm (complete assessment also requires WAsP) Siting of wind turbines in a wind farm Further information about WAsP Engineering.
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