WAsP – the Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program

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WAsP CFD is designed for complex terrain. The picture gives an impression of the quality of the automatically generated computational grids. Using WAsP 11 on a normal PC, high resolution calculations like these can now be performed via the internet on a high-performance computer cluster
In WAsP 11 we introduce WAsP CFD: a fundamentally new approach to CFD for wind resource assessment in complex terrain.
Fuga can model the wind shadow of neighbouring wind farms

Fuga is a new wake model for offshore wind resource estimation. It is implemented as a Windows program with a graphical user interface.

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Welcome to the world of WAsP

WAsP is the wind energy industry-standard PC-software for bankable wind resource assessment and siting of wind turbines and wind farms.There are currently more than 4300 users in over 110 countries and territories, who use WAsP for all steps from analysis of wind and terrain effects to estimation of wind farm production. Read more.

Looking for a WAsP certified user?
A WAsP certificate assures that the holder has reached a certain level in using WAsP. There are now 222 certified WAsP users in 32 different countries.

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