The map above shows the mean wind speed in ms−1 @ 10 m a.g.l. for the period 1976-95, according to the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data set. Even though the wind climate is known in broad outline for most of the world, more detailed and reliable information is usually required for wind resource assessments. This section lists a number of wind atlases and other wind investigations for different countries around the world; many of which contains measured and/or modelled data sets for application in wind resource assessment and siting.



The world map above shows countries where the wind atlas methodology had been applied at the time of publication. National wind atlases exist for the ‘red’ countries; WAsP has been applied for regional and local studies in the ‘blue’ countries. No information was available for the ‘light grey’ countries.

WAsP has been used by more than 4500 institutions and companies in over 110 countries and territories around the world. Some major national and regional studies – several of which contain WAsP data files on disk – are listed below. If you know of other wind atlases or wind atlas studies, please contact the WAsP Team.