Russian Wind Atlas

The Russia section is only about the Russian Wind Atlas, published by the Russian-Danish Institute for Energy Efficiency and Risø National Laboratory.

The Russian Wind Atlas was published in 2000 by the Russian-Danish Institute for Energy Efficiency in Moscow and Risø National Laboratory. Hardback book of 551 pages with six colour maps and a data disk. The Russian Wind Atlas is:


A data bank of Russian wind climates: the book contains wind statistics from more than 300 stations covering the entire land area of Russia, plus colour maps of the wind energy resource of Russia.

A handbook for regional wind resource assessment and local siting of wind turbines, including computational procedures for the effects of shelter, roughness and orography on the power production.

The basis for reliable estimates of the wind resources in Russia, whether on a regional scale or at a specific site.

Reference to the atlas is: Starkov, A.N., L. Landberg, P.P. Bezroukikh and M.M. Borisenko (2000). Russian Wind Atlas. Russian-Danish Institute for Energy Efficiency, Moscow; Risø National Laboratory, Roskilde. 551 pp. ISBN 5-7542-0067-6.

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