Numerical wind atlas

The numerical wind atlas methodology consists of an analysis part and an application part, which may be summarised as follows:

Wind atlas analysis

This procedure transforms the site-specific predicted wind climate to a more or less site-independent or regional wind climate. The analysis procedure corresponds to the 'up-arrow' in the graphic to the right.

  1. grid point predicted wind climate corresponds to the observed wind climate (OWC) in the model world
  2. observed wind climate + site descriptions —> wind atlas data sets = regional wind climate (RWC)

Wind atlas application

This procedure transforms the regional wind climate to a site-specific predicted wind climate. The application procedure corresponds to the 'down-arrow' in the graphic below.

  1. regional wind climate + site descriptions —> predicted wind climate (PWC)
  2. predicted wind climate + power curve —> annual energy production (AEP)

Wind farm production

  • predicted wind climates + WTG characteristics + wind farm layout —> wind farm wake losses
  • annual energy productions + wake losses —> net annual energy production of entire wind farm

The numerical wind atlas methodology is described in more detail in the Wind Atlas for Egypt.