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What is a wind atlas?

Most people think of an 'atlas' as a book or bound collection of maps, sometimes with supplementary illustrations and graphic analyses. However, this is not exactly the way we think of an atlas here.

We use a more general meaning of the word atlas: "An atlas is a volume of tables, charts, or plates that systematically illustrates a particular subject" − where the subject in a 'wind atlas' is the wind climate of a particular region or country. Another definition often used is: "A wind atlas is a systematic and comprehensive collection of generalised wind climates (GWC) derived by the wind atlas methodology".

So, an 'atlas containing wind maps' and a 'wind atlas' are two different things − even though the wind atlas could contain some maps...

The Global Wind Atlas is a free, web-based application developed to help policymakers and investors identify potential high-wind areas for wind power generation virtually anywhere in the world, and perform preliminary calculations. This tool facilitates online queries and provides freely downloadable datasets based on the latest input data and modeling methodologies. Users can additionally download high-resolution maps showing global, regional, and country wind resource potential in the Download section.


The European Wind Atlas describes the foundation of the wind atlas methodology and the WAsP models. We also link to the data base of the atlas (even though it is a bit old now) and we will add more tools and data sets as they become available.

If you want to know more about the wind atlases available from DTU Wind Energy – or want us to help you establish a wind atlas for any part of the world – you may contact us at wasp@dtu.dk. Comments and corrections to these pages are also welcome.

30 JULY 2021