Site suitability for assessment of wind farms

The Windfarm Assessment Tool (WAT) is a PC-software for site suitability assessment of wind turbines and wind farms. WAT uses mainly results from WAsP and WAsP Engineering to calculate and assess properties in accordance with the methodology of international standards.

Typical WAT applications:

  • IEC 61400-1 site assessment and site suitability.
  • Calculation of effective turbulence intensity, including effect of wakes and wind sector management.
  • Correction of modelled turbulence intensity by measured turbulence intensity.
  • Calculation of wind farm energy yield uncertainty.
  • Air density correction of power curve.
  • Calculation of energy yield losses, including effect of wakes and wind sector management.
  • Terrain and obstacle assessment for IEC 61400-12 power performance measurements.

WAT enhances the wake model of WAsP by additions of interdependent sub-models for technical losses and uncertainty.

The data used by WAT mainly comes from WAsP and WAsP Engineering. However, turbulence intensity data from wind measurements at a nearby meteorological mast may also be used for correction of modelled turbulence intensity. The terrain description is derived directly from space shuttle elevation data or from other data sets.

The WAT software includes electronic help facilities and online documentation, as well as sample data and quick start tutorials. Online forums and e-mail support is also included with the license.

         Facts about WAT
  • WAT is a postprocessor of results from WAsP and WAsP Engineering
  • Many WAT features were proposed by users and course participants
  • The first version of WAT was released in 2006