Keywords Satellite altimetry | Sea ice | Cryosphere | Satellite Remote Sensing

Alessandro Di Bella is a postdoctoral researcher at the Geodesy and Earth Observation division at DTU Space, National Space Institute. Alessandro’s research focuses on polar science and the monitoring of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean using satellite and airborne remote sensing observations. He is currently a member of the ESA’s CryoSat Scientific Experts group. Alessandro received his PhD degree from DTU Space in 2019 on retracking techniques over Arctic sea ice for the ESA’s satellite altimetry mission CryoSat-2. During his PhD, he visited the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a guest researcher and received scholarships from the Idella Foundation, the Ostenfelds Fond and the Otto Mønsteds Fond. He took part in several field campaigns in the Arctic, both on land and sea ice, involving the collection of in-situ measurements as well as airborne radar observations.

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