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18 DEC

WAT 4.3 released

WAT now includes an algorithm for automatic generation of sector-management rules 

15 DEC

WAsP 12 released

In addition to the new features of WAsP 12, outlined below, with this release we introduce a new licensing structure for WAsP software. WAsP is now bundled with WAsP Engineering...

11 DEC

Merry Christmas

Thank you for your cooperation in 2017. We are looking forward to 2018 with exciting new features in the WAsP software suite.

05 DEC

Global Wind Atlas 2.0 launched

The World Bank has just launched a new global wind atlas that considers the impacts of high-resolution climatology and topography on the wind resource by employing meso...

29 SEP

WAsP can be automated!

Did you know that it is possible to automate WAsP to run through a series of different options, or to re-perform some calculations from time to time with different or...

10 AUG

A generations worth of WAsP software

The very first software package containing the Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program (WAsP) was shipped to a German university in the summer of 1987 – thirty years...

30 JUN

WAsP course from 24-26 October 2017

The WAsP Team will be hosting a WAsP course and WAsP Certification in October 2017. 

27 JUN

Spectral Correction - Data coverage increased

The Long-term reference wind data provided by DTU Wind Energy has now been extended with the Middle East. The WAsP Team will continue to expand the coverage; currently...

20 JUN

Uncertainty of background roughness and wind resource

A form has been derived to estimate the uncertainty in WAsP’s ‘horizontal extrapolation’ caused by uncertainty in background roughness length (Kelly & J ø rgensen...

14 JUN

WAsP Terrain Workshop release

This release fixes a bug in vector map rendering in case the vector map elevations are below 0 m


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