25 years of continuing education

25 years of continuing education – and still counting!

Monday 27 Jun 16
The first WAsP course was held in Denmark 25 years ago. Since then, more than 2000 engineers and students have been trained in the WAsP and WAsP Engineering software tools

When the European Wind Atlas was published in 1989, the software tools that were used for the analyses (WAsP) had already been commercially available to the industry for a couple of years. These tools made it possible to site wind turbines and wind farms for optimum power production.

The rapid development of wind power at the time meant that there was an urgent need for continuing education courses and training for the industry. Consequently, the first WAsP course was designed and carried out in Sparkær, Denmark, in 1991.

Over the years, the methodology and software tools have been exported to over 100 countries; and training courses have now been held in 27 countries, for more than 1500 engineers and scientists.

What started as a continuing education initiative for the wind energy industry 25 years ago, has now also been included in a general competence course at DTU: Wind Farm Planning and Development. The course is part of the wind energy master education at DTU Wind Energy since 2007 and almost 500 students have taken the course.

For more informatiuon, see WAsP continuing education courses.
13 AUGUST 2020