WAT 4.1 released

Friday 18 Dec 15

WAT 4.1 corrects problems with effective turbulence calculations and project options

The last major version of WAT had several new features. We added air-density correction of power curves, technical losses and uncertainty estimates to the model for annual energy production. The import of observed turbulence for IEC 612400-1site assessment was improved, and we now support IEC 61400-12-2 terrain assessments for power-curve measurements based on nacelle anemometry. Furthermore, you can now start simplified WAT AEP projects with WAsP workspace files as input, or even simpler WAT terrain assessments projects for power-curve measurement campaigns just by loading terrain maps, turbine geometry and mast positions. Read more on these features in the news from October 2015.

The WAT 4.1 released in December 2015 addresses some problems reported by our users. 

New features

  • more project options for effective turbulence calculation
  • default project options depending on IEC 61400-1 edition

Bug fixes

  • large-farm turbulence enhancement in wake sectors ignored as in IEC 61400-1/A1 Ed. 3
  • recalculation of effective turbulence after modification of project options
  • corrected average ambient turbulence results (sometimes not updated correctly)
  • corrected turbulence correction preferences (primary and secondary method were mixed up in the WAT 4.0 option dialogue)
12 JULY 2020