New WACA, release G

Monday 13 Jul 15

WACA 3.0 is a completely new WACA version and Release G introduces a number of improvements and fixes some minor bugs. 

Version 3.00.157 (Release G)

A. Fixed import reporting regarding missing records (earlier they were falsely reported as recordings below lower limit)
B. Changed / updated the import reporting as well as OMWC and OEWC reporting.
C. Updated RegexCollection.xml (data-format database) to support even greater variety of files that can be imported
D. New sample files (time series data and a sample project)
E. Better error handling / reporting in case of failure in file structure estimation as well as file importing.
F. Exporting changed to support exporting all data to a single concatenated file.  

In WACA 3.0 we offer, in addition to the Periodical-maxima Extreme wind analysis (OEWC) also the use of the well-known Peak-Over-Threshold extreme wind analysis method (OEWC-Pot). The next WAsP Engineering 3 version will be able to utilize OEWC-Pot.

How to use all the new features is well described in the HELP-system of the WACA3.0. Especially we recommend using the “Quick Start Tutorial”.

Download the new version WACA here.
11 JULY 2020