New WAsP Engineering 3.1

Friday 27 Mar 15
WAsP Engineering 3.1 brings a number of new features:
(1) Peak-over-threshold extreme wind method for terrain that is not too complex; (2) Updated Help-file; (3) New script for flow inclination; and (4) A more reliable vector-to-grid map conversion.

WAsP Engineering 3.1

Release A (version

WAsP Engineering 3.1 brings new features:

  • Peak-over-threshold extreme wind climates, providing a mechanism to estimate 50 year wind speed maxima from a short time series of measurements.
    This feature is restricted to terrain that is not too complex. Specifically this means that the directional variation of speed-up should not be larger than a certain limit. See the help file for details.
  • Updates to the help file.
  • New report script for site flow inclination.
  • Streamlined, more reliable vector to grid map conversion, offering only the ‘Vulcan’ method

WAsP Engineering 3.1 fixes problems:

  • Terrain inclination rose script no longer requires a wind to be selected.
  • Turbulence intensity rose script works more reliably.
  • Project site changes more reliably reflected in spatial view refreshes.
  • WAT calculation launcher works with various versions of WASP more reliably.
  • Turbulence simulator now launches even if no vector map is included in the project.
Download the new WAsP Engineering 3.1 version
11 JULY 2020