WAsP 12 release B is now available

Tuesday 06 Feb 18

The update includes:

  • Fixed problem with dragging and drawing resource grids in resource grid edit mode
  • Minor fixes and updates to existing scripts
  • WTG files now will not be opened if they contain CT values > 1.0
  • Minor corrections to the user interface windows of turbine sites and WTGs
  • Geographic location info is now embedded to GWCs when exported to legacy wind atlas format (*.lib)
  • More WAsP 11 utility scripts updated to work with WAsP 12:
    • Turbine site vertical profile
    • Turbine site vertical profile (Excel)
    • Turbine site results to RSF
    • Turbine site report (Note)
    • Turbine site report (ASCII)
    • Custom wind farm output to file (per sector)
    • Export predicted wind climate to file


Download the new version here

31 MAY 2020