WAsP Version 11.5 Release C

Tuesday 25 Oct 16
This release extends the ranges of height and roughness length within which WAsP will model the wind climate. It also contains some important bug fixes, especially regarding the copy/paste of site effects for a turbine site.

WAsP 11.5.0024 Release C

• Display observed mean wind climate location both in degrees-minutes-seconds and in decimal degrees
• Generalized wind climate default roughness range has been changed to 0-10 m
• Generalized wind climate default height range has been changed to 5-300 m a.g.l.
• Masking WRG by elevation contour has been restored
• Bug re. copy-paste data from Site effects window has been fixed
• TAB files with non-zero direction offset will now be rejected with informative error message
• Bug re. monitor count change between WAsP sessions has been fixed
• WAsP OWC window has been updated to display more meta-data if available
• WAsP OWC window updated to display original wind time-series source data info
• Introduce 'Halo' fix into the WAsP flow model

11 JULY 2020