New WAsP Suite installer

Tuesday 21 Jun 16

As of 21 June 2016, WAsP, WAsP Engineering, WAsP Map Editor, WAsP Climate Analyst and the Windfarm Assessment Tool are installed from a single WAsP Suite installer

The WAsP Suite installer* ensures that all the programs included are compatible with each other and it allows you to install any subset of the software. 

If you have existing WAsP software installed from previous releases, you can just run the WAsP Suite installer: the older versions will be removed automatically as part of the installation process.

In the future, when we release new updated WAsP Suite installers, you can just run them to update your software: there will be no need to un-install anything first.

If you are using WAsP Climate Analyst version 2 or WAsP Engineering version 3, then don't worry. You can use the WAsP Suite installer to get those installed and they are compatible to run alongside later versions.

WAsP 10 is not included in the WAsP Suite installer and is not known to be compatible with it. If you are using WAsP 10 or an even older version of WAsP, we don't recommend to use this WAsP Suite installer. WAsP 10 can still be installed using the old standalone installer, but is no longer supported and will not be updated again.

If you do WAsP (not WAsP Engineering) calculations through windPRO, then you need to update your windPRO installation when you use the WAsP Suite installer for the first time. The latest windPRO installer will be available here.

* Fuga and WAsP Terrain Workshop are not included as they are 64-bit programs.
12 JULY 2020