Spectral Correction method for extreme wind calculation

Tuesday 02 Feb 16
The most important new feature in WAsP Engineering 4 is the Spectral Correction method for extreme wind calculation; A new way to calculate extreme winds using on-site wind measurements.

The WAsP Engineering course from 7 -9 March 2016, will be taught using WAsP Engineering 3.1, but WAsP Engineering 4 is ready for demonstration and course participants will get a first look. 

For the Spectral Correction method, there is no need for the WAsP Engineering user to provide long-term wind data in order to calculate extreme winds.
Instead, the Spectral Correction method uses long-term reference wind data, which are made available by DTU Wind Energy.

The Spectral Correction method has been tested and validated by DTU Wind Energy and our results show that the method is accurate and very consistent.

The Spectral Correction method will be presented and demonstrated by Senior Researcher Xiaoli Guo Larsén and Duncan Heathfield, Tuesday 8 March at 17.00.

For more details, please refer to these two articles:

Published in Journal of applied meteorology and climatology, 2012:
Recipes for correcting the impact of effective mesoscale resolution on the estimation of extreme Winds

Published in Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamic, 2014:

Application of the spectral correction method to reanalysis data in South Africa from 2014

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