New Suite Installer Ready

Wednesday 22 May 19
A new update of WAsP 12 and WAsP Engineering 4 is now ready . Find out more about the features and bug fixes below.

WAsP Version 12.2.32, Release B

New features
• Semi-automatic retrieval of barometric reference data for older generalised wind climates.
• Each turbine site window now displays the corrected WTG performance table for that site.
• Turbine site full-precision report now includes the corrected performance table in results.
• Weibull Explorer tool is back.
• New script gives full-precision output report for reference sites.
• Geographical locations now displayed in both decimal and DMS format.
• Generalised wind climate profile configuration data grid can now be copied to clipboard.
• New sanity limits imposed on Weibull A and k parameters (100 m/s and 20, respectively).
• Wind farm scripts now refuse to run on turbine site sub-groups and display a message.

Bug fixes
• Park model (1 & 2) can now handle large wind farms of more than 200 turbines.
• Removed redundant extra stage of wake calculations for park power curve.
• WTG window now supports copy to clipboard again.
• Restore all defaults in wake decay coefficients now working properly.
• Barometric data is now available for locations with longitudes between -1 and 0.
• CFD calculation with map containing unusual characters in name now works.
• Minor typos corrected in turbine site window and map projection window.
• Elevation masking in resource grid masking window now works correctly again.
• DMS longitude formatting for negative values close to zero are now labelled ‘W’.
• Spatial image paste-in now working again.
• Resource grid colour scale bounds in KML now correctly coordinated.
• Generalised wind climate window clears ‘No data’ label when data generated.
• Now can change from CFD to IBZ while a turbine site window is open without error.
• Turbine sites clear calculation dirty status when recalculated following met. station removal.


WAsP Engineering Version 4.0.180, Release H

New features and bug fixes
• On-limit upper grid map values are no longer sometimes drawn with flag colour.
• “Out of memory error” not displayed in the wrong context.
• Locations button not shown in EWC souvenir display if not SCM-derived.
• If no map projection is set when requesting new SCM, a prompt appears to set it.


Download the new version here: https://www.wasp.dk/Download/WAsP12-Suite-Installer