WAsP 11.3 released

Wednesday 13 May 15

WAsP 11.3 includes a new GWC extrapolation tool for extending legacy “*.lib” files with insufficient range of roughness lengths. It also includes some minor new features and fixes, which are listed in the release notes.

WAsP 11.3 release notes: 

  • Included a new Generalized Wind Climate (“*.gwc”) extrapolation tool for extrapolating legacy “*.lib” files with insufficient range of roughness lengths
  • Limited to 36 sectors for TAB/OWC insertions
  • Fixed two problems relating to roughness site assessment
  • Added display of the number of turbines in a wind farm
  • Simplified the dragging of maps into to the project
  • Updated the wake model to fix that sometimes wake calculations failed if some sectors had zero frequency
  • Added WAsP Climate Analyst 3 to the tools menu

Download the new WAsP 11.3 version here

11 JULY 2020