Publication - Power curve and wake analyses of the Vestas multi-rotor demonstrator

Tuesday 11 Jun 19
In April 2016, Vestas built a multi-rotor wind turbine demonstrator at the Campus of DTU Wind Energy. A new paper investigates the power performance and wake recovery of the multi-rotor using both field measurements and numerical simulations.

Compared to an equivalent single-rotor wind turbine, the multi-rotor is found to have faster wake recovery and lower far-wake turbulence and therefore the potential to reduce the wind turbine spacing within wind farms while providing the same production output.

Maarten, Paul van der Laan, Søren Juhl Andersen, Néstor Ramos García, Nikolas Angelou, Georg Raimund Pirrung, Søren Ott, Mikael Sjöholm. Wind Energy Science (May 2019).

DTU Orbit

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