Fuga single wake plot

Fuga released

Wednesday 04 Nov 15

The new 64-bit version of Fuga allows calculation of more complex wind-farm clusters.

Fuga is a wake model based on linearized CFD. The key feature is prediction of wake losses from neighbouring wind farms in offshore wind-farm clusters.

New features 

  • The new release is compiled as a 64-bit program with access to more memory than in the previous version. This will allow users to model wake losses in projects with a large number of distinct turbine types.

  • Fuga no longer copies WAsP workspaces but works on original files. This makes it easier to access a project which has been updated in WAsP.

Fixed problems

  • The annual energy production results without wake effects (gross AEP) now matches the WAsP results precisely. 

  • Strange AEP results for some projects with variable atmospheric conditions are corrected. 

  • Problems related to deactivation of nested turbine groups in the user interfaces are corrected. 

  • It is now possible to import WAsP 11.1 workspaces containing turbulence and flow inclination in the resource grids.

Read more about Fuga and download the new version here.

11 JULY 2020