WAsP Map Editor 11.20.5 release

Thursday 16 Feb 17

Users will now be able to work with data in grid format

A new version of the WAsP Map Editor has been under development for some time – including new features for importing map files in grid format. The new features cover orography as well as roughness grid maps. The grid maps will be converted to vector maps during import. Afterwards, they may be saved as standard WAsP vector maps to be applied in WAsP.

The new version of the WAsP Map Editor also includes a more efficient and faster check of roughness information.

New features:

  • Import of gridded elevation (orographic) maps as well as roughness-length maps are now supported
  • Faster, more efficient check of roughness consistency and LFR-errors.
  • Coherent roughness areas can now be treated as a whole. The roughness value of an entire roughness-area may be edited using a new area editing option.

Download the new version

12 JULY 2020