WAT 4.3 released

Monday 18 Dec 17

WAT now includes an algorithm for automatic generation of sector-management rules 

The Windfarm Assessment Tool (WAT) is a post-processor of results from WAsP and WAsP Engineering supporting the site assessments of various IEC standards. The main new features of WAT 4.3 are WAsP 12 compatibility, extreme-turbulence estimates and automatic sector-management rules.

WAsP 12 compatibility implies site-specific humidity and reference pressure leading to more accurate air density estimates and power curve correction. WAT also supports linear addition of wake contributions from multiple turbines as in the new PARK2 wake model of WAsP.

WAT is now able to estimate the fifty-year extreme value of the ambient turbulence intensity for site assessment as required in IEC 61400-1 Ed.4. This is either done by the peak-factor formula given in the IEC standard or by statistical analysis of site-specific turbulence and wind climates using the IFORM method.

WAT can model mitigating effects of sector management on effective turbulence intensity and estimate the associated loss of production. The sector-management strategy was previously defined by the user in an interactive and time-consuming process, but WAT now includes an algorithm for automatic generation of sector-management rules.

New features

• Automatic sector-management rules
• Highlight sites with non-IEC-compliant flow conditions in the main plot
• Assessment of site-specific extreme ambient turbulence intensity
• Import of WAsP 12 workspace files
• Air density correction and wake modelling as in WAsP 12

Bug fixes

• Float-to-integer conversion in WAT 4.2 was accidentally set to 'round up' instead of 'round to nearest'
• Previous versions confused upper limit with mean of wind-speed bins during turbulence calculations and reports
• Problem reading power curve files in POW format
• Problem reading user-specified TI statistics from file
• Problem with terrain assessment for IEC 61400-12-1 performance measurements
• IEC 61400-12-1 measurement sector was not stored in project file

Please visit our website for more information about the new version of WAT and WAsP 12.

31 MAY 2020