Wind for Every Rural Household on Earth

Monday 08 Aug 16
The web-based tool "myWindTurbine", designed for planning of domestic wind turbines, has just been released. MyWindTurbine gives every rural household on earth the power to estimate the feasibility of having a wind turbine.

For small, domestic wind turbines, an accurate estimate of the energy yield is fundamental for establishing the feasibility of new wind projects. However, given the relatively modest income of such projects, a professional WAsP analysis is often too costly. Moreover, the proper use of the software requires experience and on-site wind measurements that the small turbine developers rarely have. Therefore, DTU Wind Energy and EMD International A/S have developed a user-friendly yet accurate, web-based tool for planning the development of domestic turbines, at an affordable price.

MyWindTurbine is made possible by using technology from WAsP and windPRO and using "big data": A large data server, covering the globe with land cover, elevation, obstacles (houses and trees), and pre-calculated wind climates, allows for very fast and accurate energy yield calculations.

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