EWEA Offshore CREYAP 2 results

Thursday 02 Jul 15


Niels Gylling Mortensen
senior researcher
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 27
The results of the fourth European Wind Energy Association Comparison of Resource and Energy Yield Assessment Procedures (CREYAP) benchmark exercise were recently presented by DTU Wind Energy at the EWEA Technology Workshop: Resource Assessment 2015, in Helsinki, Finland.

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has benchmarked the skill of wind power industry four times since 2011 in the Comparison of Resource and Energy Yield Assessment Procedures (CREYAP) initiative. Teams from all over the world are invited by EWEA to perform wind resource and energy yield assessments based on the same reference data set; including predicting the actual, annual energy production of a given wind farm.

DTU Wind Energy has carried out the analyses of the submitted results and presented the results and conclusions at several conferences and workshops.

Thanks to DONG Energy Wind Power, Iberdrola and the Crown Estate, the fourth CREYAP exercise could employ SCADA data from the Barrow Offshore Wind Farm and meteorological data from the Shell Flats masts in the Irish Sea. The exercise was designed by DTU and focussed on three topics:

  • Wind turbine wakes and wake modelling – how do different wake models compare and what is the likely uncertainty of wake modelling?
  • Energy yield assessment uncertainties – how do different companies and teams compare and what is the uncertainty of energy yield assessment offshore?
  • Modelled vs observed yields – how well can the industry predict the annual energy production of an operating offshore wind farm?
The presentation slides are now available from DTU Orbit. They represent the first analysis of the 23 submissions and should therefore be interpreted with some caution; more definitive results and interpretations will be presented at a later stage.

Link to Offshore CREYAP 2 (Barrow) presentation in DTU Orbit

The presentation slides from the first offshore CREYAP exercise are also available in DTU Orbit. This was concerned with the much larger Gwynt y Môr wind farm in the Irish Sea.

Link to Offshore CREYAP 1 (Gwynt y Môr) presentation in DTU Orbit

12 JULY 2020